Welcome to my website! I'm glad you're here! I am a Mother to 4 wild kids that love to do wild kid things. I'm always documenting their shenanigans. Most of the pictures you see of my family of 6 we took ourselves with a tripod so don't judge that 1/4 of my kids are looking normal. I'm a bulldog, german shepherd, sphynx and potbelly pig Mama as well. I cook healthy meals that are not eaten, make tons of lists I'll never look at again, I leave the apostrophe out of contractions, I think missed focus images are underappreciated & I drink my coffee black in yoga pants. I have the brain of an artist. Please don't talk mathy to me. I have a hard time talking while I'm creating so sometimes it takes me a minute to explain what my vision is and I'm very open about my awkwardness when it happens in front of you, HA! I’m a ginormous fan of I Love Lucy and Will & Grace. I am obsessed with color and that shows in my work. Don’t be fooled though, I will always choose black and white over a color image but I never make you choose…. I deliver both whenever possible! I believe the images I take should spark emotion and I often find myself smiling like an idiot at my computer while I edit or shedding tears while putting together a birth video. I also might cry at your birth and then claim I'm usually not a crier. Birth is my passion. Body autonomy is also a HUGE passion of mine. Did you know I'm also a Doula? Photography has my heart (Obvi)...I've always had a camera with me since I was little! My husband's favorite thing about me is that I have 7 large totes of old pictures taking over our basement storage LOL! Truthful jokes aside, I hope that my photos provoke an emotional response in you when you open your gallery. I hope you love them as much as I love creating them. If you hate unnatural, stuffy poses and drab pictures give me a shout! I don't like to be bored and I don't want your session to be boring. We can head to the beach and splash in the water and I’ll capture your family making memories! If you don't want to get soaked in nice clothes I have a thousand and 7 ideas on my photoshoot bucket list you can choose from! I cant wait to work with you!

-Nicole Crusinberry